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Top 5 Benefits Of Investing In Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate
February 19, 2022
Market Of India

Real Estate

Real estate is one of the most solid and strong assets to invest in. It is a type of investment where prices don’t waver on a daily basis, which also makes it a very trustable source of investment. Off the various real estate types, land, residential properties, and commercial properties are the three main types that have the maximum and constant demand. Investing in these three types guarantees returns.

Commercial Real Estate


Commercial Real Estate is a fast and constantly growing market. It is the type of real estate that houses businesses, retail, and office spaces. Anything that is not residential and used for carrying out business operations is considered commercial real estate. Simply put, commercial real estate is any property owned to produce income.

Types of Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate can be divided into six main types:

1. Multifamily


Multifamily real estate is a residential property with more than one residential unit. This is the easiest to convert to commercial earnings through renting out the units. This is the most straightforward step forward for investors looking to transition to commercial real estate. The most significant advantage of owning and renting out multifamily real estate is the multiple streams of income from the numerous families that would occupy the residential units in the property.

Multifamily real estate can be further divided into duplex/triplex/quadplex, mid-rise and high-rise apartments, student housing, and senior and assisted living.

2. Office Spaces


Office real estate is also in good demand because of its multi-tenant capacity. Based on the property’s style and location, there is scope for it to be a multi-tenant property. It is usually not a task to find tenants for office spaces. Office spaces can be further divided into – Central Business Districts: business districts that house a collective group of big companies; Commercially Zoned Homes, Medical Office, Suburban Office Buildings, etc.

3. Industrial


Industrial Real Estate has taken off really well since the last economic cycle and is relatively easy to enter into for investors due to its low entry cost and flexibility. Industrial spaces are those that accommodate industrial activities, including production and manufacturing units for businesses. The different industrial real estate types include bulk warehouses, flex warehouses, heavy manufacturing, light assembly, cold storage, showroom, etc.

4. Retail


Retail real estate is a type of real estate that houses businesses that sell products and services directly to customers, basically B2C. These properties are centrally located in the heart of the town to be more accessible to customers. Retail real estate includes community retail centers, power centers, regional malls, neighborhood shopping centers, and more.

5. Hospitality


Hospitality real estate mainly exists to serve travelers and people looking to unwind. Hotels, resorts, entertainment parks, homestays, and more come under this category. Hospitality real estate includes budget hotels, extended-stay hotels, full-service hotels, limited-service hotels, short-term rentals, etc.

Why you should be Investing in Commercial Real Estate


Commercial Real Estate is an asset that is worth investing in mainly for the consistent returns and the advantage of multiple income streams. Even when there are vacancies, when a few tenants leave, the investor is not left without an inflow of cash.

There is always the advantage of a consistent inflow of money, especially in the case of multifamily and industrial real estate. Commercial Real Estate has a very high potential to yield financial results, as they come with higher rent and prices. Read on for the benefits of investing in commercial real estate.

Benefits of Commercial Real Estate investment

Investing in Commercial Real Estate is a great way to grow your wealth. Here’s why!

1. Commercial real estate investment ensures steady cash flow


Generally, commercial real estate properties can yield income more steadily as compared to shares, stocks, and other bonds you have invested in. Income stability can keep investors stress-free even when the financial market is volatile, as the commercial real estate market is not affected directly due to a dull financial market.

2. Commercial real estate lets you build substantial equity


Equity is the amount of value an investor has built up over a period of time. With commercial real estate, the investor can build equity quickly, with the steady and relatively high returns that commercial properties yield. They can also see significant benefits as the property appreciates in value.

3. Commercial real estate lets you leverage substantially


Real estate is usually not purchased in full but instead with a mortgage or, in most cases, a down payment. Being able to buy an asset without having to pay fully proves profitable to investors. It is advantageous as it increases their leverage, resulting in higher gains compared to other asset types.

4. Commercial real estate provides excellent appreciation value


It is a historical fact that commercial properties have always offered excellent appreciation value compared to other asset types. Proactive management and making cost-effective improvements can improve the desirability of the asset.

5. Commercial real estate investment is a secure investment


Commercial real estate is that type of real estate that has a solid intrinsic value. Both the land and the structure have a value that makes a commercial property a hard asset. Buying a commercial property in the right location will keep investors safe from loss of cash inflow even during times they don’t have tenants occupying their properties. This way, investing in commercial real estate is the safest and most secure type of real estate investment.

Market of India – India’s largest wholesale market

Market of India

Investment in Commercial Real Estate is a very giving investment, where the returns are multifold. With more and more businesses emerging, there is a growing demand for office and business spaces. The city of Chennai houses Market of India, India’s largest space for global wholesale and retail trade. Why is Market of India the best place to invest in commercial real estate?

Reasons to invest in a shop at Market of India

  • Market of India offers wholesale, commercial, and office spaces for sale in Chennai.
  • Opportunity to house your business/brand in the same space as other prominent global brands
  • Run your business in a commercial space that comes with state-of-the-art amenities like advanced security features, 24 access points, a food court, and more.
  • Market of India is the one-stop solution for all your commercial and business needs.

Invest in a commercial real estate space in the Market of India, Chennai, today! Shops start from ₹40 lakhs!

An excellent example would be the background of a certain period in our country’s history.


1. Is commercial real estate a good investment in India?

Commercial real estate can be a good investment in India if the investor conducts thorough research and analysis of the market and potential risks. They are also considered profitable investments as they generate high ROI.

2. What are the benefits of investing in commercial property?

The benefits of investing in commercial property include potential for higher rental yields, long-term capital appreciation, and diversification of investment portfolio.

3. Why do investors invest in commercial real estate?

Investors may choose to invest in commercial real estate for the potential for higher returns, stable cash flow, tax benefits, and the ability to hedge against inflation.

Market of India is India's largest upcoming wholesale and retail market in Chennai. We are known for having markets and office spaces with world-class infrastructure and ancillary services. We aim to offer traders a wide range of options for commercial spaces.

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