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Investment Tips

Why should You Invest in The Indian Real Estate Market Right Now

In the past few decades, the Indian real estate market has grown at a rapid pace, with the demand for residential and commercial properties rising at a much faster pace than supply. However, the Indian housing scenario is changing, with less than half of the total population owning homes. This new dynamic, coupled with changes

Commercial Real Estate

7 Different Types of Commercial Real Estate Risk

Blog Summary: Of all types of real estate, commercial real estate is the best to invest in, purely for its return of investment (ROI). However, while investing in commercial real estate comes bearing several benefits for the investor, it also involves many risk factors. Join us in exploring the different types of Commercial Real Estate


7 Things To Keep In Mind While Buying Office Space in Chennai

Investments in commercial properties are constantly escalating, and buying commercial properties is significantly enhancing. The truth is investing in such properties is a whole different ballgame.  It requires proper upkeeping to maintain its proprietary value and profitability. The decision of buying or leasing business growth. An enormous increase in infrastructure, housing, business hubs, and cordial

Investment Tips

Things to Consider While Investing in Commercial Real Estate

Things to Consider While Investing in Commercial Real Estate Commercial Real Estate investment has always remained one of the attractive and often lucrative options. It has the potential to provide a significant return to investors. The catch is in learning the numerous things related to it before throwing your hat in the ring. Here’s where