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Why Are Under-Construction Properties a Good Choice for Investment? 

under construction properties for investment
May 2, 2023
Market of India

Keep reading through the blog to unravel several benefits as to why under-construction properties are an ideal investment choice for commercial investors and how they help generate substantial returns and prosper in the real estate landscape!


Real estate investment has long been considered a reliable and profitable avenue for wealth creation. Under-construction properties often emerge as an appealing choice for savvy real estate investors. These properties, which are still being developed, offer unique advantages and potential financial gains. By understanding the benefits and considerations associated with under-construction properties, investors can make informed decisions to optimise their investment portfolios.

Did you know? 
Government Allows 100% FDI for Township and Settlement Development Projects.

Real estate investment is popular among individuals seeking long-term financial growth and stability. Under-construction properties often present unique advantages for investors among the various options available.

Under-construction properties are cost-effective compared to entirely constructed properties in the exact location. Developers often offer promotional prices, discounts, or early-bird incentives during pre-construction to attract buyers.

Purchasing under-construction properties allows investors to customise their area based on their preferences and requirements. This personalisation feature adds value to the property and improves its market appeal, making it an appealing option for future tenants or buyers. Let us dive deeper to unravel why under-construction properties are an excellent and ideal investment choice!

Reasons Why Under-Construction Properties are a Good Choice of Investment? 

under-construction properties good choice

1. Potential for Capital Appreciation

Investing in under-construction homes offers various convincing reasons why they are an excellent choice for investment, with capital appreciation being a significant factor. As the work advances and the property nears completion, its market value will likely rise. This increase in value can be attributed to various factors, including increased demand, improvements in infrastructure and facilities, and overall real estate market expansion. Investing in an under-construction property allows investors to enter the market at a reduced cost while benefiting from possible value appreciation. 

2. Flexible Payment Plans

One of the primary benefits of investing in under-construction properties is the availability of flexible payment plans, which makes them an appealing option for investors. These payment choices give investors more financial freedom and make it easier to manage their cash flow. Here are some advantages of flexible payment options linked to under-construction properties: 

  • Lower Initial Investment: Because of flexible payment plans, investors may typically get an under-construction property with a smaller initial down payment. This alleviates the financial strain of significant upfront investment, making it more accessible to a broader spectrum of investors.
  • Cash Flow Management: By choosing a flexible payment plan, investors can better manage their cash flow. They can strategically organise their cash, guaranteeing sufficient liquidity for other financial responsibilities while making punctual payments towards the under-construction property.

3. Tax Benefits

Investing in under-construction properties can benefit investors substantially. The deduction for house loan interest is a frequent advantage. Many countries allow investors to deduct the interest paid on the home loan for the under-construction property. This deduction can significantly reduce your tax liability, resulting in significant savings. Furthermore, several governments provide tax breaks or exemptions for under-construction homes, such as lower Goods and Services Tax (GST) from certain property-related taxes. These tax advantages add to the affordability and financial sustainability of investing in under-construction houses, making them an appealing choice for investors seeking to maximise earnings while minimising tax costs.

4. Potential Returns

Investing in under-construction properties can give investors considerable returns. These assets benefit from capital appreciation as their value rises over time. As the development advances and the property nears completion, its market value may ascend, allowing investors to realise significant returns when selling or renting the home. 

Furthermore, under-construction homes, particularly in high-demand areas, can provide rental revenue, contributing to a consistent cash flow and improving overall investment returns.

Commercial properties, such as office spaces, retail units, or industrial warehouses, have the potential to generate higher rental yields compared to residential properties. Prime locations with solid demand and limited supply can command attractive rental rates, providing investors with a steady income stream and favourable cash flow.

5. Modern Amenities & Facilities

Investors can take advantage of the newest trends and improvements in business by investing in under-construction commercial buildings. They are known for cutting-edge amenities such as high-speed internet access, smart security systems, numerous parking spots, modern lifts, and energy-efficient infrastructure. Furthermore, developers incorporate innovative designs that maximise the use of space, allowing for effective layout planning and the integration of necessary services like conference rooms, coworking spaces, cafeteria areas, and fitness centres. 

6. RERA Compliance

RERA is a regulatory framework designed to protect homebuyers’ rights and encourage openness in the real estate industry. Developers registering their projects under RERA must follow the rules regarding project schedules, construction quality, financial transparency, and legal requirements. This regulatory structure protects investors from unscrupulous practices and gives them trust in the project’s implementation. RERA compliance increases transparency, reduces risks, and boosts buyer confidence, making under-construction properties an appealing choice for investment.

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Wrapping Up

Due to the availability of modern amenities, compliance with RERA rules, the possibility of capital appreciation, and the ability to customise the space, under-construction properties present an appealing investment opportunity. These properties promise improved living or working environments and the assurance of openness and accountability. Investing in under-construction buildings can be a rewarding decision for investors seeking long-term growth and happiness since they have the potential for future value appreciation and the ability to personalise the space.


  1. Are under-construction properties a safe investment? 
    Under-construction property investments can be risk-free if investors undertake rigorous research, confirm RERA compliance, and evaluate the developer’s track record.
  2. Can I make changes to a property that is still under construction?
    Yes, under-construction residences frequently provide customisation possibilities, allowing customers to personalise the space based on their preferences and needs.
  3. What are the advantages of investing in under-construction properties? 
    Investing in under-construction properties provides the benefit of modern facilities, the possibility for financial appreciation, and the ability to get a property at a lower price than completed developments.
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