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Why Market of India?

Shops and Offices
Products & Commodities
Ancillary Services
Sq. Ft. of Central Plaza
Lakh Sq. Ft. of Built-Up Space
Sq. Ft. of Atrium Area
Kms of Trade Corridors

Roads on all four sides

No more traffic jams, overcrowded lanes and restricted goods movement. Market of India is built for you, with the traders in mind strategically positioned such that there are roads on all four sides. This streamlines customer movement and flow of goods in and out of the market.

Same street name / sector name

Since traders and consumers alike are used to a naming system which is in existence since time immemorial, we decided to make it easier for people to find your shop by following the same system. What this means is that your consumers spend less time searching and more time spent purchasing.

Ample Car and Two Wheeler Parking

With multi-level car parking, basement and surrounding parking areas, your business can accommodate voluminous trade by providing your business prospects a convenient parking space. The spacious basement can also accommodate a large number of trucks, LCVs and other commercial vehicles. In addition, freight lifts and fork lifts enable easy movement of goods from the basement to shops, and vice versa.

Projected footfall of 44 lakh people

We have undertaken a massive audit with an international firm even before we laid the first brick of this project to ascertain what Market of India’s potential would be at the heart of Chennai. And guess what we found? An average of 44 lakh footfalls every month! That means 44 lakh potential customers for your business.

Huge promotional budget post possession

Our job doesn't end with just selling you the shop space. Post completion we plan to have a comprehensive plan to promote Market of India with a huge promotional budget, so that we can successfully convert this marvel into India's new landmark location. You’ll directly benefit from the collective marketing spends.

Expected revenue generation of Rs.10,000 Crore

During the first year of its opening, the entire centre at peak capacity will generate business worth Rs. 10,000 Crore. Now, just imagine how much of that profit will be generated by your business alone. The potential is massive. So, why not become a part of this lucrative avenue?

Loading / Unloading facility

We realise your business needs don’t stop. For smooth business transactions you need to send/receive your supplies and goods. With a separate bay, you can carry out loading and unloading 7 days a week and throughout the year. Separate entry and exit points for commercial and non-commercial vehicles ensure there is no hassle for goods transportation even during day time.

All ancillary services under one roof.

Anything that your business requires, be it a Chartered Accountancy firm or an Import/export license provider, a logistic specialist or a courier company; everything will be available under one roof. All the services which are peripheral to your business will be accommodated in the offices in the same premises so you don’t need to go looking for crucial services. Instead, you get easy access to 20+ ancillary services.

Common and simple E-commerce platform.

Beyond the physical confines and reach of your business, you’ll get the opportunity to expand your business across the online space. With a comprehensive online wholesale marketplace listing out over 1,00,000+ products, you can maximize your visibility and reach potential business consumers from across the world.

Business Concierge Services

Market of India introduces the first and one-of-a-kind business concierge services in Chennai. Our staff will help your business in all ways possible from getting permissions to finding out legal hurdles, from fixing appointments with VIP guests or arranging a banquet for them. Just get in touch with us and we will take over all your business needs.

Where business meets life

All the time you save by running your business at Market of India now translate into one thing - spending more quality time with your family. How you choose to spend it, be it at the SPR City Mall or the multiplex within the same integrated complex or playing with your children in our vast green spaces, is completely up to you.

The MOI Club

The MOI Club is a one-of-a-kind club for all traders. You become a member of this elite club instantly when you buy a shop at Market of India. Besides being a powerful body of all major traders, this club will also promote and propagate cross category networking, which will ultimately result in more business for you.

Chamber of Commerce / International Trade Association

Market of India provides a gateway to elevate your business across India and South Asia. With international connections, traders in Market of India will be able to have an international and global business reach. With a dedicated Chamber of Commerce within Market of India, trading on an international scale becomes easy.

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