Entrance of the Market

Concourse Ramp

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Energy Efficiency


Parking Spaces

Shopping Mall

Central Plaza

CCTV Security

Advanced Security

Food Court

Food Courts

Goods Area

Fork Lifts

ATM Machine

Banks & ATMs

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Digital Footprint

Material Design

Earthquake Proof

Flow of Water in Pipe

Water Systems

Water Drops

Flood proof

Market of India is an emerging and unprecedented organised wholesale and retail marketplace that is all set to become a key centre for trade in Chennai. With infrastructure facilities and amenities that meet international standards, Market of India is a one-stop solution for both consumer and business needs.

Market of India comes with advanced and futuristic infrastructure that includes:

  • Ample two-wheeler and multi-level car parking: With multi-level car parking and basement parking, your business can witness voluminous trade opportunities by providing maximum convenience to 10,000+ prospective customers.
  • Advanced security systems: Market of India features advanced security systems with international design standards. We have a comprehensive security system that includes CCTVs, frisking, boom barriers, scanners, sprinklers, smoke detectors, and fire lifts.
  • Energy-efficient systems: From construction to appliances, we use energy-efficient systems throughout our trade centre.
  • Safety and vertical connection: For easy movement and safety of the people and businesses in the centre, Market of India is equipped with top-quality safety and vertical connection, including escalators, high-speed elevators, passenger/goods lifts, flood risk mitigation and earthquake-resistant structures.
  • Fire system details: Market of India also has a detailed fire system that includes amenities like an emergency staircase, fire extinguishers, fire alarms, emergency services, water hose, water pump, fire rescue tools and fire exits.
  • Extensive atriums with world-class standards: To enable easy customer movement, Market of India features 7 sprawling atriums spread internally where all the market zones of Market of India converge.

Inspired by the most famous and busy markets of Chennai, like Sowcarpet and Ritchie Street, Market of India aims to bring order to the largely chaotic trading landscape of the city by designing a centralised marketplace that will facilitate seamless trade and business.