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Benefits Of Purchasing New Launch Property

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Buying a property during its new-launch phase can be advantageous for you as a buyer/investor. Right from pricing to other offers, you are in for plenty of benefits. Read on to learn more about investing in property during its launch!

An upcoming property kindling interest in the investor in you?

Has an upcoming property grabbed your attention? Well, time to don your investor’s cap! You need to consider buying this new property because you never know how beneficial the timing of your investment can be for you!

There are many instances in which you can buy a property – the property can be a newly launched one, or an old one, or even a newly built one. Are you wondering what the difference between a newly ‘launched’ property and a newly ‘built’ property is? We have got you covered!

A newly launched property is when the construction of that particular property is announced. In contrast, a newly built property is when the property’s construction has just been completed and is ready to be occupied. From an investment point of view, there is a huge difference between investing in a newly launched property and a newly built property. This article will discuss the many advantages of buying a property during its new-launch phase.

Buying a property during its new-launch phase always puts the buyer, be it the end-user or an investor, at an advantage, especially with regards to getting the best deals in terms of prices as well as the choice of property. Let us discuss the advantages of buying a property during its ‘New Launch’ phase in the next section!

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Benefits Of Purchasing A Property During Its ‘New Launch’ phase

As much as it is essential to take into consideration factors like location, pricing, and more while buying a property, it is also important to consider the stage of development it is in. As discussed earlier in this article, you can invest in a property when it is newly launched, newly built, as well as in one that has been constructed and seen a string of ownerships.

While real estate investment at large can be highly beneficial for investors and buyers alike, considering how it is the safest and the most secure type of investment, the advantages of buying a property during its new-launch phase are galore!

We have highlighted some of the best advantages below:

1. You get the best out of being the early bird

One of the best advantages of buying a property during its new-launch phase is that you are the early bird. And early birds usually get the best deals. Real estate properties appreciate faster and consistently as well. For this reason, end-users and investors prefer making an investment in properties that are either newly launched or in their earliest stages of development.

Investing in a property that is newly launched gives you an edge over the pricing as it is usually priced at its lowest when launched. This way, you can save a lot of your initial capital and spend it on other development work.

2. Newly launched properties come with a galore of offers

Yes, properties that are in their new-launch phase generally come bearing a lot of offers. Builders provide potential buyers with attractive offers and discounts during the launch phase in order to grab their attention as well as make some noise about the property. This is one of the advantages of buying a property during its new-launch phase. The offers on newly launched projects can either be price-based or any other offering, including free woodwork, furnishing, parking facilities, and more.

3. Purchase and customisation fall well within budget

Being an early bird is one of the prime advantages of buying a property during its new-launch phase. Since you will be saving a substantial amount from your initial capital, a major portion of your property development and customisation costs can be covered within your budget. If you manage to get the other factors of the investment, including location, amenities, and more around your property right, consider yourself having hit the jackpot!

4. You will easily be avoiding price hikes

This is an important factor to consider, which is also one of the advantages of buying a property during its new-launch phase. It is not uncommon for builders to hike the prices of the property according to its stage of development. For example, the price is at its lowest when the project is newly launched. The price is slightly higher in the case of a semi-constructed property and the highest when it is fully constructed.

Going by this, investing in property during its new launch phase is the best bet you can get as an end-user or an investor.

5. This is the smartest investment choice

With a galore of advantages, especially with regards to pricing discussed in this article, it is evidently clear that one of the best times to invest in property is during its new launch phase. With lower capital, you can save on your budget while also enjoying the benefits of the property’s appreciation.

These are some of the advantages of buying a property during its new-launch phase. If you plan to make a real estate investment in a newly launched project, know that it is one of the best investment decisions you will ever make. Just make sure that your decision is an informed one in terms of your investment checklist, including the location, the development of the area, infrastructure, amenities, and more.

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