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Chennai’s Infrastructure Evolution: A Gateway to Business Growth at Market of India

February 27, 2024
Market of India


We’re going to look at the Market of India’s revolutionary function in Chennai’s rapidly evolving infrastructure in this blog. This historic development is changing the commercial landscape by serving as a hub for company expansion and an entry point to international trade.

Chennai’s Infrastructure and Market of India’s Vision


Chennai’s developing infrastructure, with Market of India at its vanguard, serves as a pillar for the city’s economic expansion. This innovative market seeks to take advantage of the city’s growth to establish a concentrated trading hub that supports businesses in starting up and growing.

Market of India’s Role in this Evolving Landscape

Market of India is India’s largest upcoming wholesale and retail marketplace. With 50+ trades, 1,00,000+ commodities, nine distinct marketplaces, and a sprawling structure of over 5000+ shops and office spaces, it provides unrivalled options. This innovative marketplace offers more than 20 ancillary services to ensure a thorough and easy trade experience, catering to a range of business demands.

Among its many amenities, Market of India places a strong emphasis on ease and efficiency with its expert loading and unloading services. With shops starting at 45 lakhs and an Assured rental of Rs.100 per sqft, Market of India offers an attractive investment opportunity.

How Market of India Supports Businesses Post-Shop Setup

Market of India provides an extensive range of advanced facilities, round-the-clock advanced security, and collaborations with numerous Chambers and Trade Associations to assist businesses post-shop setup. It also provides a full range of services designed to improve corporate operations and expansion.

Enhanced Connectivity and Access: A Boon for Traders

Impact of Improved Infrastructure on Trader and Consumer Accessibility

The Market of India significantly benefits traders and consumers through its improved infrastructure, offering unparalleled connectivity and access. We offer 10,000+ parking spaces, addressing one of the most pressing concerns for owners of shops and office spaces and consumers by ensuring convenience and accessibility. Additionally, the presence of 7 large atriums adds to the aesthetic appeal of the marketplace but also facilitates easy navigation. Security is paramount at Market of India, with 24/7 advanced security systems to ensure visitors’ and traders’ safety and well-being. The movement within the complex is made effortless by installing 76 escalators and 78 elevators, significantly reducing wait times and improving flow, making every shop easily accessible. This seamless accessibility is further enhanced by the strategic location of Market of India within Chennai’s largest integrated township, positioning it as a central hub for trade and commerce.

Premier Office Spaces at India Trade Centre: Elevating Business Standards

Nestled within the vibrant precincts of SPR City, Chennai’s most promising location, India Trade Centre is a beacon of modernity and functionality. Spanning an impressive 1,50,000 sq.ft., this Class A office space complex is designed to cater to the dynamic needs of businesses, offering an unparalleled blend of location, design, and technology.

  • Intelligent Design & Immense Functionality: India Trade Center provides ultra-modern Class A office spaces with a focus on intelligent design and massive functionality. The well-planned arrangement enhances productivity and creates a positive work atmosphere.
  • Strategic Location: India Trade Centre, located in SPR City, has an unparalleled position that makes it a sought-after commercial address. Convenience and connectivity are guaranteed by its close vicinity to Kilpauk, which is only 2 km away. This puts it in easy access to the city’s bustling business and residential districts.

State-of-the-Art Infrastructure for Modern Businesses

India Trade Centre is equipped with a comprehensive suite of facilities and amenities:

  • Reception Area: A welcoming space that sets the tone for a professional business environment.
  • Business Centre: Fully equipped to support your business needs, from meetings to conferences.
  • CCTV Surveillance: Ensuring safety and security around the clock with advanced CCTV systems.
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity: High-speed internet access to keep your business connected at all times.
  • High-Speed Elevators: Minimize waiting time with efficient and fast-moving elevators.
  • Vastu-Compliant Office Spaces: Harmoniously designed spaces that align with Vastu principles for positivity and prosperity.
  • A Compact Class A Office Configuration: The India Trade Centre is Chennai’s only compact Class A office configuration. This exclusive setup is designed to cater to businesses looking for premium office spaces that combine luxury, functionality, and efficiency in a compact format, setting a new standard for office environments in the city.

India Trade Centre is more than just an office space; it’s a destination for businesses that aspire to reach new heights in a competitive landscape.

Market of India as a Global Gateway

  • Easily Accessible Shops Amidst Modern Infrastructure: Market of India boasts state-of-the-art infrastructure, ensuring that shops are easily accessible.
  • Projected footfall and customer reach due to infrastructure advancements: With infrastructure advancements, Market of India is projected to witness a footfall of 40 lakh, a testament to its accessibility and appeal.

How Traders at the Market of India can Capitalize on this Growth?

With its top-notch infrastructure, our marketplace ensures that every aspect of business operations, from security to logistics, is seamless and efficient. The diverse range of shops and office spaces, starting at an accessible price point of ₹45 lakhs, opens up a world of opportunities for both budding entrepreneurs and established businesses looking to expand. The offer of Assured Rentals of Rs.100 per sqft makes Market of India not just a commercial hub but a lucrative investment destination.

Its strategic location within Chennai’s largest integrated township amplifies its appeal. With facilities like parking for over 10,000+ vehicles, a sprawling 2-acre central plaza, and a diverse mix of markets and trades, traders have everything they need to thrive.

Wrapping Up

Market of India presents an unprecedented opportunity for traders and investors looking to tap into Chennai’s flourishing retail and commercial landscape. With its state-of-the-art infrastructure, strategic location, and wide array of facilities, now is the moment to secure your place in this upcoming marketplace.

By booking your shops and office spaces at an attractive starting price of Rs.45 lakhs, you’re investing not just in a physical space but also in a future of impressive returns and growth potential.

Don’t let this chance pass you by; make your smartest financial decision today and be part of a community setting new standards in the retail sector. Take advantage of this remarkable opportunity by exploring our website or contacting us at 7358111999 to secure your ideal shop or office space.


1. What makes Market of India a lucrative investment?

The offer of Assured Rentals of Rs.100 per sqft makes Market of India not just a commercial hub but a lucrative investment destination.

2. Can I customize my shop or office space at Market of India? 

Yes, customization options are available to ensure your shop or office space meets your specific business needs.

3. How does Market of India ensure the security of its traders and visitors?

  With 24/7 advanced security systems and surveillance, Market of India prioritizes the safety and security of all its traders and visitors.

4. Are the shops and office spaces at Market of India Vastu compliant?

Yes, all shops and office spaces are designed to be Vastu-compliant, aligning with principles that promote positivity and prosperity.

Market of India is India's largest upcoming wholesale and retail market in Chennai. We are known for having markets and office spaces with world-class infrastructure and ancillary services. We aim to offer traders a wide range of options for commercial spaces.

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