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Retail Marketplace in Chennai: How to Start and Grow Your Business

how to start and grow your business-retail in chennai
May 12, 2023
Market of India

Discover the essential insights for starting and growing a retail marketplace business in Chennai. Read through the blog to learn about investment, market analysis and location selection for a successful retail shop!


Starting a retail marketplace in Chennai requires careful planning, market research, and a well-executed strategy. Understanding the local market dynamics, identifying the target audience, and adopting innovative approaches can lay a strong foundation for your business to thrive. 

 Furthermore, utilising the power of technology and online platforms may dramatically increase your reach and consumer engagement, allowing you to connect with a larger audience outside the limits of physical locations. 

Did you know? 

Between 2023 and 2025, the retail landscape in Chennai is set to witness a remarkable expansion, with the anticipated opening of nearly 60 shopping malls. These upcoming developments will add an impressive retail space of 23.25 million square feet to the city’s commercial real estate. This surge in new shopping malls presents an exciting opportunity for entrepreneurs and retailers to establish their presence in this thriving market. 

How to Start & Grow Your Business in the Retail Marketplace 


1. Understand the retail landscape & potential markets:

To establish and build your shop in the retail industry, you must first comprehend the retail landscape and discover potential markets. This understanding will assist you in making sound commercial investment selections. Conduct extensive market research to learn about consumer behaviour, preferences, and trends. Analyse the current online and offline competition to find market gaps and opportunities. This will enable you to appropriately modify your product offerings and marketing tactics to match the wants of your target clients.

2. Market research and planning

Conduct thorough market research to identify your target market, understand consumer needs, and analyse competitors. Use this information to tailor your products or services and pricing strategies. Develop a comprehensive business plan that includes financial projections, operational processes, and marketing strategies. Set clear goals and objectives and implement effective strategies to achieve them. Monitor market trends and adapt your strategies accordingly to maximise commercial investment returns.

3. Competitor analysis

By conducting a thorough competitor analysis, real estate companies can identify other firms operating in the same market segment, assess their strengths and weaknesses, and gain insights into their strategies and offerings. This analysis examines property portfolios, rental rates, lease terms, location advantages, amenities, and tenant satisfaction. Understanding the competitive landscape allows businesses to position their commercial properties effectively, identify market opportunities, adjust pricing strategies, and develop unique value propositions to attract tenants and investors. 

4. Location selection

When choosing a location for your retail marketplace in Chennai, several crucial elements must be carefully considered. Begin by doing a thorough demographic analysis of the area to ensure alignment with your target market. Choose prominent sites with substantial foot traffic, such as vibrant commercial centres or bustling shopping districts, to maximise visibility and exposure. Because accessibility is so important, finding a location with easy access to main roads and public transport networks is critical. Examine the availability of vital infrastructure, such as dependable utilities and amenities, to ensure smooth operations and a positive customer experience.

5. Visual merchandising & marketing strategies

Implementing good visual merchandising and marketing techniques is critical when investing in commercial real estate to maximise the value and profitability of your investment. The importance of visual merchandising in attracting renters and customers to your commercial property cannot be overstated. Creating a thorough marketing plan that includes targeted advertising, digital marketing initiatives, and promotional activities can boost property visibility and drive interest. Potential tenants and investors can be attracted using various methods such as internet listings, social media platforms, and networking events.

6. Scaling the business through different channels

Engage a commercial real estate professional or broker specialising in retail properties to assist you in navigating the market and securing the best location for your company.

As your company grows, consider expanding into new markets. These are all examples of opening new physical storefronts in other places, building an online presence through e-commerce platforms, or exploring pop-up shops or temporary retail spaces. Because each channel presents unique opportunities and obstacles, it is critical to carefully examine and change your approach to scale your organisation effectively.

Investing & Scaling your Business in the Thriving Market of India

Market of India is one of the upcoming largest wholesale and retail marketplaces and represents an ideal location for setting up a commercial shop in Chennai, offering exceptional infrastructure, top-notch amenities, and a strategic position. To discover the finest commercial investment opportunities in the Market of India, we warmly invite investors to visit our website or contact us at 7358111999 for further details.

Wrapping Up

By following the key steps outlined in this blog, such as conducting market research, developing a solid business plan, finding the right location, establishing a robust online presence, and providing exceptional customer service, you can position your business for success. Additionally, embracing innovation and adapting to changing consumer trends will help you stay competitive in the dynamic retail landscape. You can build a thriving retail business in Chennai’s vibrant marketplace with dedication, perseverance, and a customer-centric approach.


  1. Is it necessary to have significant investment capital to start a retail marketplace in Chennai?
    The quantity of investment capital needed is determined by various criteria, including the size of your market, technical infrastructure, marketing initiatives, and operating expenses. 
  2. How can I find investors to fund my retail marketplace venture?
    Prepare a thorough business strategy, and a captivating pitch deck, network with potential investors, and consider approaching angel investors, venture capital firms, or crowdfunding sites.
  3. What are the key considerations for scaling and growing a retail marketplace?
    Focus on improving the user experience, expanding the seller base, and implementing effective marketing strategies.
Market of India is India's largest upcoming wholesale and retail market in Chennai. We are known for having markets and office spaces with world-class infrastructure and ancillary services. We aim to offer traders a wide range of options for commercial spaces.

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