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Commercial Real Estate

How are Commercial Office Spaces Marking their Growth?

Did you know? “According to a recent report, demand for office space increased by 25% year on year in Q1 2022, while commercial project completions increased by 13%”. Introduction After nearly two years of hardship, the commercial office market is undeniably on the mend. The market will likely gain momentum in the coming months, as

Commercial Real Estate

Which is the Best Area for Commercial Real Estate Investment in Chennai?

Introduction The future of commercial real estate is full of opportunities and growth. Chennai’s commercial real estate market has been steadily growing in both the northern and southern parts of the city. As previously stated, rising economic activity and a return to the workplace have increased demand for commercial real estate. However, one of the

Commercial Real Estate

Top Commercial Real Estate Governing Bodies You Must Know

Blog Summary Commercial real estate is one of the most sought-after types, with solid potential for investment and Return on Investment. This is one reason why the sector needs to be regulated from time to time. This blog will discuss the different commercial real estate governing bodies that regulate commercial property transactions in the country.

Investment Tips

How to Choose the Right Commercial Real Estate Company to Invest?

Blog summary Are you looking to buy a commercial real estate property? Then, go through this blog on how to choose the right commercial real estate company to invest in.  Introduction Commercial real estate properties are one of the most preferred real estate properties. Commercial real estate properties are majorly used for business purposes and

Commercial Real Estate

7 Smart Ways To Choose Best Location For Your Restaurant

Blog Summary: Are you looking for the right location to firmly launch and start your restaurant business? Then, go through this blog to know about the smart ways and tips to choose the best location for a restaurant that would suit your business. Introduction Running a restaurant is the most profitable business. With numerous people