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Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing Office Space in Chennai

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Are you looking for office space in Chennai? Then, make use of this blog to know about 7 mistakes you need to avoid and choose the right office space in Chennai.


For the amount of time one spends in the office per day, the office is literally the second home. When we call it a second home, we understand that it needs to meet many needs and expectations, and there needs to be proper planning in choosing the right office space.

With numerous businesses looking for an outlet for their business, there is a wide availability of office spaces in Chennai. But how do you know which office space will suit your business needs? So, this blog will give you an idea of the mistakes you should avoid when looking for office space in Chennai.

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Why do we need to be careful in choosing an office space in Chennai?

  • Office spaces have a great influence on how productive and efficient your employees are
  • Investing in a top-notch office space is the best way to build a strong base for your business
  • Peaceful office space provides the employees with a better mind space to work in
  • To carry out a streamlined workflow that aids your business, good office space is pivotal
  • A good office space is the best investment you can make in the long run.

7 mistakes to avoid while choosing office space in Chennai

1. Compromising on the infrastructure


A good infrastructure is the most important aspect of choosing a good office space in Chennai. Always look for an office space that has a good Infrastructure with regards to both the exteriors and interiors. A few infrastructure facilities need to be considered when looking for office space in Chennai, and they are as follows.

A good office infrastructure should be spacious enough to accommodate all the employees of the workspace. Ventilation is the most important aspect of any working environment. Ensure that the office space you get is spacious enough and has the right air quality to ensure your employees a smooth working environment. Lighting is altogether another important entity of office space. Although we can adjust lights using the electrical setup, it is necessary to see that natural lights peep into the office to ensure a natural and comfortable working environment.

With regards to the exteriors of office space, it is necessary to choose an office space that is easily locatable by everyone. If prospective clients or leads are looking to meet and collaborate with you, then the first impression they hold of your business is the base and make sure the exterior infrastructure of your business is on point.

Budget reasons can be one of the reasons why people compromise on the infrastructure. But then again, in the longer run compromising on your infrastructure can aid no good.

2. Inflexibility in Timings


Always make sure that you choose an office space that provides you with the opportunity to access it with flexible working hours. Offices work around the clock nowadays, and there are no specific timings that would work for a business. Since most of the businesses are in collaboration with international clients, there are many businesses and office spaces that work beyond the Indian standard time.

The 9 to 5 office timing hours are long gone, and businesses are working at various flexible hours nowadays. From freelancers to small businesses, many are looking for a co-working space as well. So in choosing an office space in Chennai, just make sure you pick one with great flexibility in functioning hours.

3. Unsuitable Location

The location where your office is located has a great influence on your office and business. In choosing an office space in Chennai, It is necessary to look for office spaces in prime locations of the city or the heart of the city. Offices located in the prime location of the city offers better and easy facilities in terms of transportation, eateries and other facilities available in and around the location.

It is also necessary to look for businesses that are located in the business hubs of Chennai. Offices located in the business centres get to build better networks and contacts. This makes sure that the businesses are updated with the latest needs, trends and happenings in the field.

There are numerous offices which are located in the outskirts of the city but then again, those offices spaces need to make sure that there is the availability of basic amenities like easy transportation facilities, food hubs in and around the office spaces and more. Not taking notice of the location of your office space is one of the biggest mistakes to avoid in choosing an office space in Chennai.

4. Underestimating the need for interior designs


Did you know that an effective interior design has so much of an influence on your business?. This might seem trivial, but the interior designs of office space in Chennai can aid your employees to work at a better place. 

The interior design of office space needs to depend on the work that is being done and the employees employed in the space. Office space for elders would require a subtle and mild tone colour base with calm interior designs, whereas an office space design for a young crowd might be something fast-paced and stimulating.

It also depends on the nature of the work. Offices involved in creative work require creative office space designs, and those involved in technical jobs would require a much more professional setup. Be it whatever, ignoring the interiors of the office space is one of the gravest mistakes that you can make and in choosing an office space in Chennai, you need to make sure that the office space is designed accordingly.

5. Loopholes in the buyer’s contract

In choosing an office space in Chennai, be really careful to read the contract thoroughly before moving forward about it. Firstly, choose how you would like to avail an office space in Chennai. See whether you want to buy the office space for yourself, rent it out or take it for lease. After which, make a clear contract stating the type of availing the property with the payment processed.

If the office space you would like to get is still under construction, it is necessary to make sure that it is registered under the TNRERA act. This ensures that the office space you are getting is credible and is a registered office space under the government rules.

6. Lacking a holistic and long term plan


One of the gravest mistakes that you can make in getting an office space in Chennai is not having a holistic and long term plan.  Your office space will have numerous entities to be addressed like the work desk, and chair setup, strong wifi connection, consistent electricity power, the flow of basic goods, freight solutions that might be needed, and much more An office space needs effectual planning in terms of these amenities to ensure a good working space.

No matter what business you hold or whatever your office ventures into, make sure that you have a future plan sorted out in terms of whether you will continue to hold your business outlet in the same space or you would like to rent it out or sell it to off. In choosing an office space in Chennai, sort these things out and have a proper plan on how you would go about it.

7. Unfocused on employee satisfaction


Employee satisfaction is of great importance in choosing an office space in Chennai. If you are an established business willing to shift your office to another place, then you must make sure that you take into consideration your employee’s satisfaction.

Conduct a survey and ask your employees what their needs are and what do they expect out of the office space. Ask them which location they would like to work at and more. If you are just starting out new, then make sure you get an idea of the prospective employees you would hire, which location you are aiming for, and choose an office space in Chennai accordingly.

Employees need basic things like a hygienic work environment, cafeteria set up for refreshments, strong wifi connections, good and consistent electricity power, and more. Make sure your office space in Chennai meets the needs of the employees.

The above are a few of the obvious mistakes you need to avoid when choosing an office space that is highly beneficial to your business. Office space is the base of the business, and if you are looking for the best office space in Chennai, Market of India is the best.

Market of India is India’s largest wholesale and retail market and has numerous commercial spaces too. There are nearly 5000+ office spaces and shops that are known to offer world-class amenities for carrying out an effective workspace functioning. There are numerous workspaces ranging from 180 sq. ft to 65,000 sq. ft, and you can pick any one that suits your business needs. What are you looking for in choosing an office space in Chennai? Let us know in the comments below.

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