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Exclusive Amenities at Market of India
Exclusive Amenities at Market of India

Have you been hearing a lot of buzz around the Market in India? Well, you know for sure that it is the next biggest thing in India. So, what exactly is it known for? market of India is known for the amazing amenities that it offers. Read through this blog to know more about amenities in the market of India and how it can be a benefit to your business.

What is Market of India?

Market of India is the largest wholesale and retail Centre in India. Market of India is one of the biggest organized trade centers in the world and is one of the prestigious projects that is going to revolutionize the way of doing business and trading in India. Market of India serves as an extension of Chennai’s most important trade hubs, including Sowcarpet, Koyambedu, Parrys, and more. This trading hub of the city will form a cohesive marketplace where the traders and customers connect with ease. Amenities in Market of India are colossal and exemplary.

Wholesale Markets:

9 Exclusive Amenities at Market of India

1. Breathtaking infrastructure

Market of India’s infrastructure is state-of-the-art, conforming to the latest trends to provide business people with a seamless trading experience. Nearly 5000+ shops under a single roof. Market of India is strategically planned and constructed in a way that offers ample space for traders to set up business in the compound. Market of India offers commercial, retail, wholesale, and office spaces that suit the needs of all kinds of businesses. There are shops ranging from 180 sq.ft to nearly 65,00,00 sq.ft. You can also find 7 large atriums that span across 60,000 sq. ft.

2. Extraordinary connectivity and access

A good connectivity is all that is required to run the best trading Centre. Market of India is constructed with roads on all sides for streamlined customer movement and flow of goods in and out of the space. At Market of India, connectivity to the major parts of the city is never a cause of concern! It is located in the heart of the city and is easily accessible by almost everyone in Chennai. The following is one of the biggest advantages of Market of India in terms of location and connectivity to prime hubs of the city.


It is also to be noted that Otteri, Ayanavaram, and Perambur metro rail are ongoing projects that are being constructed currently and will be an added advantage to the accessibility that Market of India holds.

3. Excellent in-shop and in-office facilities

As we all know that there are 5,000+ shops and office spaces within Market of India. All the shops are constructed in such a way that the trading takes place with much ease. The shops are well constructed and spaciously placed. They have 24 access points, ATM facilities, unlimited Wi-Fi, top-notch energy-efficient systems, and much more.

4. Easy loading and unloading facilities

For a business to run smoothly, the flow of goods and services needs to be streamlined. Market of India has many freight solutions like airport style concourse ramp, loading and unloading bay, truck terminals, effortless commercial vehicle movement, 78 lifts, 76 escalators and much more, thus enabling a good loading and unloading facility. Out of all the amenities in Market of India, this is a pivotal one to facilitate a good running of business.

5. Wide and easy parking space

One of the biggest hassles that comes with these trade markets is the parking space. In Market of India, there is no trouble in this regard and is one of the best parts of Market of India. It offers around 10,000+ vehicle parking spaces that can be accessed by both workers and customers alike. Parking space amenities in the market of India makes it stand out from the traditional marketplaces.

6. High-end international security standards

To give your business the art security features at the disposal, the market of India does a great deal of work. This is one of the notable amenities in Market of India. A few of the best security standards are fire lifts, scanners, and boom barriers. There are numerous other safety and security features in the Market of India which will make it the best place to set your business with the utmost safety standards.

7. A space for a diverse range of goods and services

One of the most notable amenities of the Market of India is that it is not specific to any particular good or service but rather is a hub of anything and everything. A few of the popular goods that you can find in the Market of India are packages goods, electrical, hardware, electronics, jewelry, stationery, toys and more. It also has space for numerous services like healthcare, textiles, retail and office spaces.

8. Concierge services

Market of India does its utmost best to help your business in all ways possible. From facing legal hurdles to fixing up appointments with VIP guests, arranging a banquet for them, and so much can easily be done with the help of Market of India’s concierge services. Not very often do we find concierge services in many places, and these amenities in Market of India is highly beneficial. Concierge services are one of the most exclusive amenities that you can expect in the market of India.

9.Ancillary services

There are numerous ancillary services available for a smooth functioning of trade. They are Facility Mgmt. Services, security systems, logistics support, incubation center, data center, conference rooms, compliance center, indoor Sports Facilities, concierge and travel desk, shipping offices, trade legal support, GST Filing support, staff Canteen blue-collar workforce, video conference Facility, and Wi-Fi Enabled shops, legal Support, business center and ATM Services.

How will these amenities help you grow your business?

Not very often do we witness such a large scale business and trading commercial centers offering a plethora of amenities and services. This is one of the iconic destinations for your business. Not just for today but even in the longer run, Market of India is one of the biggest and best investments that you can ever make for your business. To grow a sustainable, global, highly visible and path-breaking business, Market of India is the right place.

Hope the above elucidates the exclusive amenities in Market of India. Investing in Market of India is one of the best investments that you can make for your business, and do it now! If you have any suggestions or queries, feel free to leave a comment below.

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